Thursday, December 18, 2008

Palanca Food Pantry Page

The Palanca Food Pantry is a ministry of Holy Redeemer Episcopal Church, a member of the Diocese of Southeast Florida. The Pantry is located at 3730 Kirk Road, Lake Worth, FL (map). It serves the homeless, working poor, disabled and retired populations in its community and throughout Palm Beach County.

The Pantry proper opens its doors every Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. A box of food is provided to take home. Second hand clothing and household items are available, as well. The Pantry also partners with churches, and other organizations, located throughout Palm Beach County, to provide sit-down meals Monday through Friday as follows:

Mail service is available to the homeless, and those without a fixed abode, every Tuesday and Friday during the program times.

Should you have any questions concerning the Palanca Food Pantry please feel free to contact Gilbert Purdy. Your correspondence should be addressed to:

Gilbert Purdy
Program Coordinator
Palanca Food Pantry
Holy Redeemer Episcopal Church
3730 Kirk Road
Lake Worth, FL 33461.

Should you wish to donate to the Palanca Food Pantry please send your check to the same address. Checks should be made out to "Holy Redeemer Episcopal Church". The "memo" line should read "for Palanca Food Pantry". Checks can also simply be made out to "Palanca Food Pantry". Please do not send cash or checks made out to the addressee personally. Donations are fully tax deductable.

Should you live in the area served by the Palanca Pantry and wish to donate used clothing, household items, holiday packages, etc., there is generally someone on-site throughout the day. Should you arrive with the items at a time when the church is unattended, feel free to leave the items outside of a door. Someone will soon arrive and bring them inside. Please do not leave large items as storage space is not available in which to accomodate them. Please do not leave dirty items as sufficient staff is not available to clean them. Please do not leave food items unless you have contacted Holy Redeemer Episcopal Church beforehand and made the necessary arrangements.

Se Habla Espanol y Lenguaje por SeƱas Americanas.
We speak Spanish and American Sign Language.

More About the Palanca Pantry: