Wednesday, November 16, 2005

SearchMiracle.EliteBar Then and Now.

The following articles on SearchMiracle.EliteBar [Search Miracle Elite Bar] are presently in Virtual Grub Street's archives. They form one of the better "libraries" on the subject on the net.

How to Remove SearchMiracle.EliteBar

SearchMiracle's regularly updated "How to Remove..." detail page.

EliteBarfix.bat Information Page.

Yet another new removal tool, sort of.

PokaPoka.exe + Nothing = YupSearch (October 19, 2005)

What do people mean when they say they have "YupSearch" instead of "EliteBar"?

LQfix Information Page.

There's a new tool in town! Miekiemoes seems to be everywhere on the tech web these days and now she has created a tool to remove the dreaded SearchMiracle.EliteBar.

Elite Toolbar Remover Information Page.

An dependable old friend still going strong. But does it remove PokaPoka76.exe?

How to Remove PokaPoka.

Does your EliteBar variant include PokaPoka.exe?

EliteBar Removal Tool Updates to 2.0.1

In addition to the removal tool update VGS announced in the recent article EliteBar Removal Tool Updates to V.2.0.0!!!!!, has added yet another feature....

EliteBar Removal Tool Updates to V.2.0.0!!!!!

Giancarlo Calo, over at, remains aggressive with his freeware EliteBar Removal Tool. Among the infections it claims its version V.2.0.0 can remove "every trace" of are...

More on Variant ADW_ELITEBAR.D

A March 2005 forum thread at Midtown Computer Systems Enterprise provides more detail on ADW_ELITEBAR.D . It's a bit garbled, though: intertwined with discussions about how malware gets installed on computers and about the relative merits of Firefox compared to Internet Explorer. But some things are clarified...

Diabolical new EliteBar Variant Strikes the Web!!!!

Giancarlo Calo, of, freeware Baron of the Internet, by virtue of his EliteBar Removal Tool, reports that a new malware variant has appeared on the net that Trend Micro has designated...

EliteBar Removal Tool Updates to 1.3.0!!!!!

According to Calo, Trend Micro seems to have felt, at one point, that its commercial software could remove the infection but Simply Tech still found the malware intact ...

HijackThis vs. the Elitebar Removal Tool

While this approach may provide some limited, and temporary, relief, SearchMiracle will soon be back in full force. As [HijackThis] experts have generally discovered, the downloader for the infection detects, and, if necessary, reinstalls itself from RAM as Windows is closed.

EliteBar Removal Tool Alert: Update V.1.2.2.!!!

The thousands of people who are still flocking to the O.D. article How to Remove SearchMiracle/ EliteBar (also known as ETBRUN), and the scores of links to the various O.D. articles on SearchMiracle/EliteBar and related adware/spyware, make it clear...

HijackThis vs. SearchMiracle/EliteBar

Since the Enternet Media adware program SearchMiracle/EliteBar (also known as ETBRUN) has been at large on the net, logs of infected computers have begun to appear in profusion. Early on, the HijackThis faithful showed every confidence that their anti-spy program was up to the task of removing the pest. In the meantime, it has become clear that there are few HijackThis forum threads that end with the adware and its associated trojan having been successfully removed.

EliteBar By Any Other Name

...the variety of names under which one or another variation of tool bar is offered by Enternet Media, Inc. or its affiliates.

AudioSeek Alert!

The YupSearch front page now appears at a new url: That is to say,...

YupSearch Addendum

The search entries that generally bring people to O.D. would seem to make it clear that many fail to understand that YupSearch connects to the same adverstising search engine as SearchMiracle. It is merely SearchMiracle by another name. Both are front-pages for the base search engine which,...

More "Elite Bar Adventures" Links and Info

Popdex has just listed "Elite Bar Adventures" as their third most linked-to posting. I provide the short list:...

Who's keeping score?

Well, the Arts/Litblog Obiter Dicta is ten days old now. Who would have thought it would already have had its first 550+ hit day and been listed in Blogdex as tied for 51st place, among all Internet blogs,...

How to Remove SearchMiracle/ EliteBar (Alt. 1)

The flag ship article of Virtual Grub Street's early fleet. Brief and to the points.

More from the Mailbag: re

Next, many thanks to Timothy Klein for doing a bit of research of his own that I was not able to do. According to Timothy:

from looking at the source for the web-page in question, and downloading the Javascripts it downloads with wget and reading them, this is both specific to Windows AND Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer...

Elite Bar Adventures

The next day again, I decided that the Norton/Symantec data file corruption was something I had to get around somehow. I decided to try another Free Virus Scan site and to see how the results compared. As luck would have it,...

After "EliteBar Adventures" was linked-to by Metafilter and MSNBC, a quick succession of blogs and sites followed: MT Law; IT-Biztonzag; And I Am Not Lying, for Real; Legal Line; Look at this...; New Links; Privacy Digest; Blog Herald; La Coctelera; News Burst; and many more including one in Turkish and another in Japanese. In existence for less than a month, Virtual Grub Street (then called "Obiter Dicta") was an international pheeee-nom-men-ah.

[re: SearchMiracle.EliteBar Search Miracle Elite Bar EliteToolBar Elitum Elite Toolbar Elite Tool Bar ETBrun YupSearch Yup Search.]


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